The meeting will be held on February 25-26 at the Altai State Technical University

The meeting will be held on February 25-26 at the Altai State Technical University

How can he keep the attention of children? How to effectively build the educational process, how to make the education system interesting and effective? Therefore, our project will allow us to identify the characteristics of a modern child, give feedback to the teacher, parents and, in general, understand who is a modern Russian child? ” – Zinchenko said.

The agreement also envisages the creation of a center for scientific and methodological support of pedagogical psychologists, the conduct of All-Russian summer scientific schools of pedagogical education.

The II meeting of the regional branch of the All-Russian children’s and youth military-patriotic public movement “Yunarmiya” has started in the Altai Territory, the Ministry of Education and Science of the region reports.

The meeting will take place on February 25-26 at the Altai State Technical University.

The event is attended by 150 people – these are representatives of more than 25 military-patriotic associations of the region from Barnaul, Biysk, Novoaltaisk, Belokurikha, Zarinsk, ZATO Siberian, Altai, Talmensky, Zarinsky, Topchikhinsky, Kosikhinsky, Tselinny, Volchikhinsky, Smolensky, Pavlovsky, Blagoveshchensky, Kytmanovsky, Krasnogorsky districts.

As part of the official part of the event, the best youth soldiers of the region, winners of regional and All-Russian competitions will be awarded, the results of 2018 will be summed up and tasks for 2019 will be set.

The Yunarmiya movement was created on the initiative of the RF Ministry of Defense and supported by the President of Russia. It is designed to unite all organizations involved in the pre-conscription training of citizens.

The purpose of the movement is to arouse interest among the younger generation in the geography and history of Russia and its peoples, heroes, outstanding scientists and military leaders. Any schoolchild, military-patriotic organization, club or search squad can join the Yunarmiya. Participants of the movement, in their free time from studies, will work to preserve memorials, obelisks, keep watch of memory at the Eternal Flame, engage in volunteer activities, and take part in major cultural and sports events.

14 Moscow schoolchildren will go on an expedition to the North Pole on the Great Arctic Expedition, the press service of the Moscow Department of Education and Science reports. Throughout March, young polar explorers took part in the qualifying rounds to join the team of the famous Russian traveler, director of the Center for Continuing Education “Travel Laboratory” Matvey Shparo. “Candidates for the“ Polyus ”squadron, which is going to ski to the North Pole, have passed training camps in Karelia. During the day they walked 20 km, set up a tent for the night and cooked food on their own. The conditions of the fees were as close as possible to the conditions of the Arctic, ”- stated in the information release. At the Russian scientific station “Barneo” the guys under the guidance of the winner of the “Teacher of the Year of Moscow – 2018” competition Ignat Ignatov will conduct a number of studies at the request of Russian scientific institutes. Schoolchildren will take with them to the Arctic an automatic Arctic probe, which was designed by students of Moscow engineering classes. The scientific team included the winners of the “Arctic” competition and the guys who were selected during the training camp in the Moscow region.

On February 15-16, the capital hosted the annual campaign “Unified State Examination: From Year to Year”, according to the press service of the Moscow Department of Education and Science. 2015 schoolchildren took part in it. According to the Moscow Center for the Development of Human Resources in Education, within two days, representatives of the subject commissions of the SIA conducted 2362 individual and group consultations. The heads of the subject commissions of the GIA-11 explained how to better prepare for the Unified State Exam in Russian, mathematics, literature, history, social studies, chemistry, physics, information and communication technologies, biology, geography, history, and foreign languages. In addition, the students learned about the content of the Chinese language exam and, together with experts, discussed the work of last year’s alumni. A live broadcast was organized for schoolchildren from the TyNAO and Zelenograd. In 2019, the “Unified State Exam: Year after Year” campaign was held in Moscow for the tenth time. 

More than 300 children from four Russian northern regions will take part in the virtual Olympiad “School of Life in the North”, TASS reports.

“302 participants from the Nenets, Yamalo-Nenets, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrugs and Yakutia were registered to participate in the Olympiad. The Olympiad is being held for the eighth time. Participants will present projects to improve life in the northern regions, ”says the organizer of the event – the international non-governmental organization“ Northern Forum ”.

According to the organizing committee of the Olympiad, such projects open up new opportunities for developing a sustainable strategy for the development of the North, establishing a cultural dialogue among the youth of the region.

The online Olympiad is held with the support of the Ministry of Education of Yakutia and the North-Eastern Federal University named after M.K. Ammosov.

The Northern Forum was established in 1991, and in 1992 it received UN accreditation as a non-governmental structure and observer status in the Arctic Council.   

In Sevastopol, medical students will receive additional measures of social support, according to the press service of the city government.

The corresponding decree was approved on Monday during a meeting of the city government.

Director of the Health Department Sergei Shekhovtsov noted in his speech that the provision of social support measures will help solve the problem of staffing medical organizations with medical personnel and will contribute to the fulfillment of employment obligations by students and residents.

It is noted that monthly students will receive an additional 3 thousand rubles for the scholarship, in addition, 6 thousand rubles for compensation for renting housing, as well as 10 thousand rubles annually to pay for travel to the place of study.

The Department of Health clarified that this year 44 students and residents will receive additional payments. After graduation, students participating in the support program undertake to work in the city’s medical institutions for five years.

In the Primorsky Territory, more than 46 thousand schoolchildren will take part in the action “Lesson in numbers”, the regional Department of Education and Science reports. 

For students, within the framework of the All-Russian educational campaign, from February 25 to March 3, computer science lessons will be held on the topic “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.” The purpose of the classes is to develop the key competencies of the digital economy in schoolchildren, as well as their vocational guidance for further activities in the field of information technology.

“All municipalities of the region will be involved in the action. It is planned that more than 46 thousand schoolchildren from 285 schools in the region will take part in the project, ”the Department said. 

The department clarified that the lesson for pupils in grades 1-8 will consist of a video lecture and a simulator on which the robot will be “taught” to work in the zoo. A graphic simulator will become a simulator for high school students. With it, they will be able to familiarize themselves with the basic steps of working with a machine learning model.

The organizers of the action are the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, ANO Tsifrovaya ekonomika and PJSC Sberbank in partnership with key Russian information technology companies. 

An analogue of the Sirius center will open in Krasnodar in September 2021, TASS reports with reference to the Governor of the Krasnodar Territory, Veniamin Kondratyev. 

“On September 1, 2021, a school for“ clever and clever people ”will open for 1100 places. This school will be designed for talented boys and girls from our region. After the fourth grade, they will have to pass entrance exams and prove that they are talented diamonds from which to make diamonds. It will be a strong school where future winners will study, who will glorify Krasnodar, ”Kondratyev said. 

He specified that the school will be equipped with a sports core, including a swimming pool. The project also provides for a boarding school for 600 places, special attention will be paid to the selection of the teaching staff.

“Teachers will also be selected on a competitive basis, among them there will be candidates of science. We have already agreed with the rector of the Kuban State University that he will take the school under his wing. There should be state support here, “Kondratyev said. 

The Sirius educational center in Sochi was created on the basis of the Olympic infrastructure at the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The purpose of the center is the early identification, development and further professional support of gifted children who have shown outstanding abilities in the field of art, sports, scientific disciplines, as well as who have achieved success in technical creativity. The center is open all year round, travel and stay in the center for children is free. Up to 600 children aged 10 to 17 from several dozen regions of Russia come to Sirius every month.

In the future, a full-fledged scientific cluster with laboratories is planned on the basis of the center, where it will be possible to train high-level specialists and develop new technologies.