“so when they explained they had found her body,” Dunne stated, “we keep in mind simply bellowing, ‘don’t allow it is Nate. Don’t allow it is Nate.'”

“so when they explained they had found her body,” Dunne stated, “we keep in mind simply bellowing, ‘don’t allow it is Nate. Don’t allow it is Nate.'”

Day Lauren’s last

“the human body was at water about 30 foot from the roadway,” stated Massachusetts State Police Investigator Tony DeLucia. “we pulled right back the gown from her neck . I saw a wound that is severe her throat.”

Lauren Astley, 18, ended up being discovered having a bungee cable tangled in her own locks.

“Nate is perhaps maybe maybe not taking part in this,” friend Chloe Jacques remembered thinking. “Nate would not take action such as this to Lauren. Like, that is absurd.”

Down the road July 3, the evening Lauren went lacking, police talked to Nathaniel and their mom, Beth, 3 times and each time they told simply the exact same tale: Nathaniel had been house alone when Lauren stopped by for 5 minutes, but she never ever got away from her automobile. The storyline seemed legitimate.

“We wished to understand the comings and goings of Lauren and Nathaniel when you look at the times and months just before this occasion happening,” stated DeLucia.

Investigators would discover into the days just before Lauren’s murder, ex-boyfriend Nathaniel’s behavior had changed.

“Well, he previously gone from– a young child whom was– constantly on the go, constantly working down . to a young child who had been fundamentally in the home, lying on the settee, searching miserable,” said Nathaniel’s uncle, George Mattingly.

Nathaniel had stopped getting together with buddies. He had been consuming great deal and cigarette smoking cooking pot daily.

And even though she had separated with Nathaniel a couple of months earlier in the day, buddy Genevieve states Lauren nevertheless focused on him.

“She would say like, ‘ Do you realy think I should make a move? Do you consider I should speak with him? Perhaps i will attempt to assist him?'” she told Smith.

Nathaniel’s mom, Beth, had been therefore concerned about her son she took him to visit a psychiatrist. She additionally asked Lauren to speak with him.

“Nate’s mother came and visited Lauren in the office . and asked if escort Glendale it might be an excellent concept if she reached away to him and chatted to him and kind of saw what was going on,” stated Chloe.

And Lauren did reach out to Nathaniel. On July 3, 2011, she began the final day’s her life likely to her task during the mall that is local. Surveillance video shows Lauren going within the shopping mall escalator at 9:45 a.m.

“. there is a video clip surveillance of Lauren making the shopping center regarding the phone the evening she actually is killed. She actually is in the phone with Nathaniel Fujita,” stated DeLucia. Enough time ended up being 6:45 p.m. “we had talked to, she had never ever been seen once again. after she left work, from every person”

“We had had plans to go out all of the big band of us that night. ” A genevieve that is teary-eyed stated.

“Did she let you know that she ended up being going to go?” Smith asked.

“No. No body knew that she had been going that ” Genevieve replied night.

Lauren along with her buddies usually knew where individuals were all of the time, but her plans to consult with Nathaniel that night she kept to by herself.

Nathaniel’s moms and dads were not house. Detectives discovered from phone documents she had delivered Nathaniel a text message.

“and it’s really only one term, simply the term ‘Here.’ That’s her saying to Nathaniel she actually is during the true home,” DeLucia explained.

That text at 7:05 p.m. on July 3 ended up being the final message Lauren delivered.

“. we desired to consult with Nathaniel to learn exactly what their interaction along with her had been that night. ” stated DeLucia.

Tony DeLucia and Wayland Police detective Jamie Berger drove to Nathaniel’s house the morning that is next.

“As soon as we knocked regarding the home, Tomo Fujita had been there, who had been Nathaniel’s daddy,” said Det. Berger.

But his son was not house. Nathaniel had been nowhere can be found. Detectives then got a search warrant for the Fujita house.

“We were only available in the storage ’cause here appeared as if some form of stain on to the floor of this storage,” DeLucia stated. “. the stain . tested good for bloodstream . “

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